Hersteller von tragbare Ultraschallgeräten für Humanmedizin


Take the probe into your hands! Workshop "Ultrasonography in Emergencies" by DRAMINSKI

Ultrasonography is an indispensable examination  in the rapid diagnosis in emergency medical situations. That fact knows everyone. We will prove you that ultrasonography is also easy.

Take a part  in the next edition of workshops! You will gain a practical knowledge and proficiency in using the ultrasound diagnostics in “trauma”.

After the workshops you will not be able to imagine taking the right therapeutic decisions without the support of portable ultrasound scanner made by DRAMINSKI.

Date: 11.06.2017 (the next edition will be in the autumn 2017)
Place: Poland, Łódź, Borowiecki Hotel.
Price: 100 Euros. Advance payment of 50 Euros payable on the day of registration.
Scientific management: Professor Waldemar Machała  Ph.D. in Medicine.
Conducted by: Professor Waldemar Machała PhD in Medicine, Dr. Michał Orczykowski, Dr. Tomasz Wiśniewski
Organizer: DRAMINSKI S.A.
Contact: Magdalena Nowosielska, tel. +48 693 393 193, e-mail: nm@draminski.com
Website: http://www.traumausg.pl/

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